About Beverly Adams

About Beverly Adams



As president and CEO, Beverly Adams is the spirit and driving force behind Beverly Adams Entertainment, Inc. A born leader, successful entrepreneur, visionary, television personality, and philanthropist, Beverly discovered her passion for volunteerism at a young age and her determination to better the lives of others has not slowed since.

Beverly was a young, divorced single mom raising two daughters, Crystal and Ashley during the eighties and nineties. Her daughters have been the highlight of her life and her passion for teaching them strong morals and values was of exceptional value. Although it was very hard for Beverly and her girls, she felt very fortunate they were a family together and as a result, have formed an inseparable bond. Crystal and Ashley are now women and each is making a significant impact in their adult lives.

After a successful career in broadcast and cable network television, Beverly’s life was changed while attending an American Women In Radio and Television conference in Washington, D.C. A leader from the Discovery Network made a statement during a symposium that became her mantra, “Your job is what you trade in the days of your life for, therefore your job must have significant meaning to you." From that day forward, she made giving to others a top priority as it gave her the inspiration for living.

In 1998, Beverly married the love of her life, Dr. John Adams, who is a medical oncologist at the Arlington Cancer Center. Together they made a decision to focus on the new relationship and respective families. It was then that she decided to donate her whole work to her community and charities.

As a result of her decision, Beverly has effectively managed many leadership positions for other important causes. Beverly was appointed president, the third woman president of the Irving Symphony Orchestra Association, an organization that began some 48 years ago. Her keen business sense coupled with her visionary abilities and strategies have resulted in a proven track record of success.

In 2000, Beverly took her love of philanthropy to a new level when she created a Social Lites---a firm dedicated to philanthropic support of select 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. From a span of over 5 years, she gifted those charities with her full-time volunteerism and raised more than $2 million for their causes.

Although she was an award-winning philanthropist and civic leader, her ambitions were to taking giving to a new level and to inspire the American people.

Beverly envisioned herself leading by example and inspiring countless others to give small amounts of time, talent, money or expertise to important social causes could change the world. So in 2005, Beverly Adams Holdings, Inc. was created in an effort to begin the movement of Everyday Philanthropy®. In 2007, the first Everyday Philanthropy Summit was held to launch the worldwide movement. Sherry Lansing, Dr. Wilson Goode were two of the luminaries who spoke at the event and inspired the attendees to join the movement of giving, kindness, and "paying it forward."

In 2009, Beverly co-created, co-produced and hosted a new reality television pilot called "The Changers™" that entertains, inspires, and gives philanthropy and reality a whole new meaning.

Although she has worked as a model, motivational speaker and broadcast professional, Beverly says that it is her work in "giving the weak a voice" that continues to inspire and propel her to even greater heights.