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In today’s busy, always-on world, helping others often gets pushed to the wayside. Even those who want to do good may find themselves pressed financially, so they think they can’t make a difference—or don’t know what they can do to help. Just deciding where to start helping others can seem like a daunting task.

In each episode, a “helper”—who has been nominated by friends, family members or co-workers—will be thrust into an unfamiliar environment that gives him or her the opportunity to aid someone less fortunate. The “helper” typically has a lesson to learn —such as gratitude, compassion or a reminder of what’s most important in life.

Unlike other reality shows that feature “emotional train wrecks” and poor concepts, "The Changers™" is a new type of reality show, for a new time. With only one episode, the audience emotionally connects with the characters and causes featured. "The Changers" fulfills an empty spot in our pop culture soul.
And it fosters a deeper understanding of different cultures and environments to create an appreciation—both for participants and for viewers—of the opportunities life has given them.

Through this transformational process, the opportunities for humor, drama and new relationships are unlimited. Not only will "The Changers" vividly illustrate how vital it is to think beyond one’s own situation, it shows just how simple it can be to make a genuine, lasting difference in someone else’s life.
The practical application of doing good in someone else’s life is an important and often overlooked aspect of “transformational TV.” The unique approach of "The Changers" allows viewers to see how they, too, could make such an impact in the lives of their neighbors, co-workers or even complete strangers.

Format: Reality
Length: 44 minutes

"The Changers" is created and produced by Beverly Adams Entertainment, Inc.