A Fresh Start

Posted on January 7th, 2013.

With the stroke of midnight, we have all been given a new fresh beginning for 2013 and I am looking forward to the miracles of the New Year.  Time goes by so fast it seems, I can’t believe we are in the 13th year of the new millennium.

So many world weather events like tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricane’s to count.  So much upset, inequality, unfairness, and human pain is talked of everyday.  To a girl in Texas, trying hard to do my part in bringing light and healing to our world, it can get very discouraging.  After all, what can one person do to make things better for multitudes of people, animals, the environment, etc.?

Deep in my heart, deep in the heart of Texas, I feel a major tug to do what I can to help shine the light on the cure.  Hope, love, kindness and spreading good news goes a long way in making the world better, and if we all start with just one good thing done everyday, what a fresh new place we would have to live in, contribute to, and leave a legacy for future generations.  This New Year reminds me that time is ticking and massive things need to be changed and the message of love is the cure in the media and everywhere else.  I intend on getting busy and doing my part.  What if we all joined together and started looking for the good news and finding energy in the joyful things life brings?  Love will cure the pain! Let’s make it happen!

-Beverly Adams

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