Back From Bling Miami

Posted on February 9th, 2011.

Ok, the Fountain Blue hotel in South Beach is beautiful and what a perfect venue for a National Association of Television Programming Executives conference.  The drop dead gorgeous bling light fixtures mesmerized me. Regis Philbin’s Ultimate Luxury Yacht was moored across from the hotel, with many other stunning yachts.  Just waiting to cruise to destinations across the ocean.

The energy of all of the world’s television programmers was contagious.  So much activity, so many things to learn and people to meet.  The focus of the conference was CONTENT and that is why I thought it very important to attend.

I was very grateful that Cole Claassen, owner of Agape Productions, and producer of “The Changers”, accompanied me during the conference and then in the evenings we had many great times together with John, my husband.  Yes, John finally did take 4 days off from his oncology practice, but it was hard to pull him away from his patients.  More about that later….

Anyway, we had a chance to show “The Changers” trailer to a few key programming executives and they wanted more!  It was so exciting to watch their reactions to it and the high praises it received.  Just to think, they haven’t even seen the whole pilot episode yet.

It was also fantastic to meet up with corporate executives who truly care about what is shown on television and how we, as a culture, need to provide more family friendly programs.  Advertisers need good places to showcase their brands and products. Well, I think I know the exact solution for adding one more great series for them to advertise in and for viewers to love, love, and love.  “The Changers” is definitely the new reality for this new time.

Working on the network sale – please say a prayer for us to find the perfect network.  This is a show sure to energize the airwaves, satellites, fiber optics, cable channels, you name it!

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