Posted on March 1st, 2018.

It happened at Club Pilates in Irving-Las Colinas, Texas.  I was chatting with the manager, who is also my Pilates coach, and we were engaged in an energetic session talking about Everyday Philanthropy.  For example, how great it makes us feel to exercise, give to others, and to be kind.  Since we were on a positive roll, I had to show her our new sizzle reel for “The Changers”—our spin on non-scripted television content.  The video is short, just at four minutes in duration so it was easy for her to watch on my cell phone as I stretched.

After viewing, her first reaction was to give me a hug!  As I was hoping, she LOVED it and I was happy to share my passion with her because I feel it is so important to gather feedback on the topic of helping others on television.  Then, like a cupid arrow of love, she told me that the popular rapper, DRAKE’s new top 100 Billboard song, “GOD’S PLAN,” had a life changing music video that I must watch since the entire idea is the premise of our show, “The Changers.” So cool! Right?!

It’s amazing how one good topic opens the door to many more good topics…with also the help of serendipity at play.  Just a couple of days prior while riding in my daughter’s car, Ash played the hit for me to hear. Ash always stays on trend with the latest and greatest things that blast our culture that are hip, impressive and new. I’m always excited to learn what she finds as she normally introduces me to music that ends up being my most favorite. She has that music ear as they say!

However, this time I got to introduce Ash to the music video for “GOD’S PLAN.” Thanks to my Pilates instructor! As we watched, we both were thrilled with the overall heartwarming theme of the video and its vibe being just like, “The Changers.” For once we saw, no exploitation, no sex, no elaborate sets, and no violence! YES! DRAKE GETS IT! Most importantly, the music video highlights the pure joy, compassion and peace DRAKE feels while giving and helping others, and the recipient’s amazing reactions! To me, DRAKE totally demonstrated love in modern day action and encouraged me to show love to humanity even more!  Major bravo, DRAKE!

So, this is it. If you want to feel your best, just simply help someone else.  It might be a little word of encouragement to someone, or a $5 donation to your favorite charitable cause. It might even be helping an elderly person you see at the grocery store struggling to find an item they are looking for. Or, even letting a person have that golden first-front-row parking space you’ve had your blinker on for minutes! The list can go on and on because whatever is done in the spirit of love pays big dividends that are unstoppable.  Now, that’s change…it’s tangible and collectively WE all can do it. Love is contagious.

So, that’s it! Oh, you know…GOD’S PLAN. 😉

Here’s the link to DRAKE’s music video “GOD’S PLAN” in case you haven’t seen it or want to watch it again! GOD’S PLAN by DRAKE

With Love,