Blah, Blah, Blah

Posted on September 16th, 2011.

While I enjoy writing my blog and updating everyone on the latest and greatest at Beverly Adams Entertainment, Inc., I recently found myself in a muck, funk, or whatever.   In the midst of creating a television series of the greater good, it is harder than I thought to have it distributed.  Everyone loves The Changers, and our screenings have been extraordinary.  From Florida to California and everywhere in between.

A few A-list industry producers have suggested I re-edit and add more of myself into the show.  Please understand, I am just a spokesperson and leader in the movement of Everyday Philanthropy.  Deep down inside, when I came up with how the people of America needed to claim some airtime on television that is entertaining, family friendly, filled with values and light, I knew it would take a miracle.

This dream and dharma of mine was a gift, from my Higher Power.  I have a deep knowing that this is true.  My cause is about love, respect, tolerance, and non-judgmental and not affiliated with a religious organization.  I can deliver the goods to The Changers. Oh yeah.

So, our beautiful pilot of The Changers, was wrapped and packaged in spring of 2009, and I have been told only features me (the divine host – ha!) as bookends.  Ouch, baby, very ouch!

Version 1 of The Changers has already won a coveted award in Hollywood and there have been many promises from advertisers. Something is still missing.  The series is not on the air.  So, on to Version 2.

Sometimes I wonder if people really mean what they say, or is it just Blah, Blah, Blah?  Why can’t we honor each other with TRUTH about sponsorship?

So, the journey today leads me back to where I began.  Knowing what I knew then.  Back to the edit room we will proceed and our truth will set our country up for a new philosophy, a new meaning for that old-fashioned word, philanthropy.

Sorry, that I have been so frustrated for the past couple of months.  This is unlike me.  Since I was featured in the Texas Women book, I have encouraged everyone to dream up a great idea to help others and make it happen.  It is ok to speak truth to everyone in our lives – I am ready for it.  No more Blah, Blah, Blah.  It is really a drag.