TV Glitterati and more!

Posted on May 11th, 2011.

I met many luminaries and glitterati at The Studios of Las Colinas as Muller Entertainment Film Foundation celebrated the 30th anniversary of the studios.  Texas is coming alive again with new television shows on the western horizon.  I am proud that Dallas is my home and the place Everyday Philanthropy was born.

It will be an amazing backdrop for an episode of The Changers.  There are many philanthropic and kind people here, not only in production business, but in all situations of life.  And, it is huge that Hollywood is embracing our cause.  There are many Hollywood exec’s who are supporting The Changers and I am thankful that their hearts sparkle with glitter!  The result will be magic on television that will illuminate everyone – networks, viewers, advertisers.  Just imagine, all of us working together for the greater good using the power of television and internet!