We’re Going to Miami – Ama-imi-ama mami

Posted on January 21st, 2011.

Speaking of sunshine and light, this site is live and I am going to the National Association of Television Programming Executives conference in South Beach, Miami!  OK, truth is, The Changers, our new genre of television programming has not been picked up by a network yet – or should I say that we haven’t found the perfect home for it?

Reason?  It is about love, light and hope while being a heart-grabbing and hot reality show, with no drugs, sex, or violence.  The pilot production is Hollywood at its’ best.  OMG – I cannot wait to get to Miami and meet many television programmers and find out what they think the public wants to see on television.  Haven’t we had enough of the Housewives from Hell?  Not to mention little children being exploited at the age of 3?  Please understand, I am not intentionally putting these shows down, but just wondering why we can’t watch MORE that gives true virtues and makes us feel better.   Isn’t life hard enough without much HOPE on TV?  Oprah rocks the world in my book.  She has it figured the whole television-programming thing out and is a pioneer along these lines.  Nope, she is the Queen of TV.

Anyway, back to Miami and the conference, stay tuned and I will fill you in with things I learn.  And thank you for taking a few minutes to read this.  Together, we can change the world.

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